Product Scheduling

Streamline your factory operations with FactoryIQ - our top-tier scheduling system designed exclusively with your manufacturing processes in mind

Why FactoryIQ's Dynamic Scheduling?

Our innovative system takes into account every nuanced detail of your job list - required assets, due dates, and task durations - to compile the optimal sequence of tasks for your factory. Factor in your unique requirements such as lunch hours, night-time periods, holidays, and maintenance both at a broad level and asset-specific one.

Visualise Your Schedule With Ease

Bottlenecks? Slack time? Instantly highlight these issues with our graphic-schedule display. Our visual solutions help you to spot inefficiencies promptly and simulations to test different scheduling scenarios, avoiding potential due date overruns.

Real-Time Job Lists Even on The Go

Stay updated with real-time job updates from your PC, tablet, or phone. Operators can monitor, pause, or commence tasks, thereby ensuring active management across the system.

Quick Problem Resolution

In the event of operational stoppages, our system empowers operators to log the issues instantly. By enabling detailed reason analysis, you can isolate trends and reduce future downtime.

Track Quantities and Scrap

Upon task completion, operators have the ability to record actual production figures and scrap, ensuring precise tracking and future forecasting.

Optional Add-ons for Visual Indication

Consider our FactoryIQ EdgeAndon stacklights — an essential add-on to give visual clues about machine status.

Custom Reports for A Comprehensive Understanding

Expertly depicted through our PDF reports, gain insights into the complete schedule, including potential date overruns. In addition, exceptional asset-specific reports list out imminent jobs.

Automatic Adjustments for Unforeseen Circumstances

Task overran or paused? No worries! Our schedule system adapts when things don’t go according to plan, reprioritising tasks for the earliest delivery.

FactoryIQ - Revolutionising factory management one task at a time. Embrace the new normal with us!