Each task has a status, e.g. Active, Ready, Overrunning, Overdue, Stoppage. This live production information can be viewed in a variety of contexts:

Organisation wide – An overall planner-style page

Cell wide – 'Arrivals and Departures' boards for all assets in the cell. This can be displayed on large format displays on the factory floor

Asset – The list of current and upcoming tasks for the selected asset

Optional FactoryIQ EdgeMonitor devices can be installed on machines to record machine uptime. In addition to live monitoring, the data is stored historically so that it can be analysed to identify patterns of downtime, and reduce downtime in future.
Uniquely, FactoryIQ can overlay the activity from the EdgeMonitor device over the schedule itself providing an instant visual indication of unplanned downtime and missed productivity.

£75 / mo
per machine
plus one-off cost of £175 per machine for hardware

Knowing the actual utilisation of your assets could be the single most important metric in your business. Recognising this, we have introduced FactoryIQ EdgeEssentials providing an ultra low cost entry into digital manufacturing. Featuring FactoryIQ’s core machine monitoring functionality, EdgeEssentials gives both a realtime view of machine activity, as well as a historical timeline, enabling you to identify trends, issues and opportunities to boost productivity. When the time is right, you can easily upgrade to the full FactoryIQ suite, giving you Scheduling, OEE, Document Management and much more

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FactoryIQ can aid compliance and support your Health & Safety policy with the Maintenance Check feature. Daily machine checklists (customised for each asset) provide a complete historical record for future reference, and a centralised means of raising any issues with machines or processes. The system can be configured to prevent the operator from starting the next job if the machine has not passed all checks.